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Autistic Adults

It's not just you and you are not alone.

Sad tired young european lady in raincoat sits on bench, thinks, suffer from headache and

You have been playing the game of life on hard mode. You might have been completely misunderstood up until now. People may have told you that you are too sensitive, too inflexible, too focused on an interesting topic, too bad at communication, too this and too that. But just because you have a lived experience than is different from others, does not mean that your experience is any less valid.

I'm here to tell you that it's not just you and you are not alone. You are not "too much." You are just wonderfully neurodivergent and delightfully autistic. You, like many other of your neurokin, have a different type of neurological and nervous system. But different does not mean wrong, bad, or worse. Let's explore how we can use your neurodivergent traits to your advantage. Let's reduce your burnout, decrease your anxiety, address your sensory concerns, and reduce your masking in a way that allows you to live more authentically.

I provide autism-focused and neurodivergent affirming therapy because---as an autistic person myself---I know that a "hard mode" life requires a different approach that is strengths-based, compassion-focused, sensory aware, and truly listens to you and what you need.

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