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What does it mean to be an autism-focused and neurodivergent affirming therapist?

I want to support your growth! I provide the type of therapy that addresses key areas that often impact autistic adults whether you are just exploring your neurodivergent traits, self-diagnosed, or formally diagnosed.


Autism-focused therapy is informed by the neurodiversity affirming model to address your unique concerns by reducing autistic burnout, anxiety, depression, masking, the distress of meltdowns and shutdowns, low self-esteem, and difficulties with work or school performance, among many other concerns.

I work with adults to:​

  • Explore neurodiversity traits focused on autism.

  • Reduce burnout and work, life, or home stress.

  • Unmask your authentic self.

  • Address sensory concerns & increase self-care.

  • Manage anxiety and fears.

  • Develop a sense of accomplishment in life.

  • Connect to others with greater comfort.

Neurodiversity Affirming Care is Crucial

As an autistic therapist myself, I get it. For far too long you have been looking for a neurodivergent affirming therapist who will understand you at your core. You may be experiencing anxiety, depression, autistic meltdowns, or burnout from masking. You may feel completely overwhelmed. Therapy with me is a safe space to reduce those difficult feelings and increase your happiness. You may also be exploring what it means to be authentically autistic. If so, you've come to the right place. Neurodiversity affirming therapy is my passion. Let's find what autistic traits bring joy to your life.

This world wasn't designed for neurodivergent people like us. We are often invalidated for our emotional states and responses, sensory needs, and communication differences. I will meet you where you are and create that validating space where you can thrive.


For the autistic community, terms like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Asperger’s Syndrome can be problematic. I do not operate from a deficit based medical model, nor do I expect a formal diagnosis. There are many reasons that people do not seek out a formal diagnosis and I honor that. I will listen to your valid experiences with respect.

I will emphasize your strengths, prioritize your needs, and focus on your challenges to help create a world that works for you. Contact me when you are ready for your free consultation.

It's Not Just You and You Are Not Alone

You have been playing the game of life on hard mode. You might have been completely misunderstood up until now. People may have told you that you are too sensitive, too inflexible, too focused on an interesting topic, too bad at communication, too this and too that. But just because you have a lived experience than is different from others, does not mean that your experience is any less valid.

I'm here to tell you that it's not just you and you are not alone. You are not "too much." You are just wonderfully neurodivergent and delightfully autistic. You, like many other of your neurokin, have a different type of neurological and nervous system. Let's explore how we can use your neurodivergent traits to your advantage. Let's reduce your burnout, decrease your anxiety, address your sensory concerns, and reduce your masking in a way that allows you to live more authentically. 

I provide autism-focused and neurodivergent affirming therapy because---as an autistic person myself---I know that a "hard mode" life requires a different approach that is strengths-based, compassion-focused, sensory aware, and truly listens to you and what you need.

Wouldn't It Be Nice to Just Breathe Easy and Feel Relaxed

Anxiety can be difficult in the best of times, but these last few years have been especially challenging. Anxiety lies to you and uses fear to trap you. It stops you from stepping forward into success, living your life, and chasing your dreams.


However, there are proven methods available for you to cope with your anxiety or panic attacks. I use a combination of research-based methods to help ease your distress and customize them to fit you.


Now is the time for you to find your calm and centered self. When you’re ready to get some help in taming your anxiety, contact me for your free consultation.

Be Welcomed as a Person and not Treated as a Disorder

I offer an empathetic ear and discuss solutions to emotional distress rather than treating you as having a disorder. There are many reasons you may feel things are not quite right. Work could be overwhelming, life in general could feel chaotic, your stress level could be reaching a high peak. Together we can find a way to conquer your mountain of distress.

I help to create emotional awareness, stability, self-care, and solid relationships by using Strengths Based Therapy (SBT), Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Somatic Therapy (sensory based), and Person Centered (Rogerian) methods. 


I provide a compassionate space to address your difficulties and to increase your distress tolerance. Contact me when you are ready to set up your free consultation.

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