Now Serving the San Francisco Bay Area and Orange County

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Therapy for Adults

I want to support your happiness! In my work with adults, I provide solutions for anxiety and panic attacks, borderline personality disorder (BPD), depression, and non-binary & transgender affirming therapy.


Now is the time for change! I find solutions to:

  • The intensity of borderline personality symptoms.

  • Managing anxiety and fears.

  • The difficulties of creating healthy relationships.

  • Increased work, life, or home stress.

Therapy for Teenagers

I want to cultivate joy! I work with children 13 and older to provide solutions for anxiety and panic attacks, depression and low self-esteem, child and family conflict, gifted children, academic challenges, and non-binary & transgender affirming therapy. 

Happiness is at hand! I help support teenagers with:

  • Difficulties of anxiety and panic attacks.

  • Increased family conflict.

  • Poor school performance.

  • Managing sadness or not fitting in.

  • The social & emotional needs of gifted children.