teen therapist in san francisco

I want to cultivate joy! I work with children 13 and older to address anxiety and panic attacks, low self-esteem, child and family conflict, and the emotional needs of high aptitude (gifted) learners.


I help support teenagers to:

  • Calm anxiety and panic attacks.

  • Improve friend and family relationships.

  • Manage sadness or not fitting in.

  • Maximize school performance.

  • Strengthen self-esteem.

Therapy for Teenagers
Therapy for Adults

I want to support your growth! In working with adults, I address anxiety and panic attacks, neurodivergent affirming therapy for autistic adults, and intense emotional distress or fears of rejection.

I work with adults to:​

  • Manage anxiety and fears.

  • Explore neurodiversity traits focused on autism.

  • Reduce self-criticism & frequent mood changes.

  • Increase a sense of accomplishment in life.

  • Diminish work, life, or home stress.