Autistic Adults

Neurodiversity affirming care is crucial for autistic adults.

As an autistic therapist myself, I won't stigmatize you. I will celebrate your authentic unmasked self. Neurodiversity affirming therapy is my passion. Therapy with me is a safe space to unmask, share your interests, and increase your happiness. 

This world wasn't designed for neurodivergent people like us. We are often invalidated for our emotional states and responses, sensory needs, and communication differences. I will meet you where you are and create that validating space where you can thrive.


While autistic adults may be categorized as having Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Asperger’s Syndrome, those terms can be problematic. I do not operate from a deficit based medical model, nor do I expect a formal diagnosis. There are many reasons that people do not seek out a formal diagnosis and I honor that. I will listen to your valid experiences with respect.

I will emphasize your strengths, take into account your needs, and focus on your challenges to help create a world that works for you. Contact me when you are ready for your free consultation.